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Uses cases of a storage box

Secure and accessible, a self-storage center or a movable guard offers you the storage space that you need punctually or permanently. At easystock, we find that our clients use our services in a wide variety of situations. 

Moving: Traditionally used as a backup storage during a move, the furniture storage is still the preferred solution for bridging two homes 


Whether you're going to work or study abroad for a long month, the long-term rental of a storage box is a viable option for storing your various possessions. Secure and advantageous, self storage container as proposed EasyStock makes it possible to store your possessions in a perfectly adapted environment. 


During urgent work or renovation, it is often necessary to completely empty some parts. The self-storage offers you a space of storage with flexible and inexpensive duration to avoid you to live the time of the building site in a congested environment.  

Backup storage

Your usual place of accommodation does not allow you to safely store your different belongings. Rent a storage box will allow you to store your various seasonal business that you will not need for many months like your ski equipment, a canoe or a jet ski for example. So you make big savings compared to the rent increase that a larger unit would suppose.  


In the context of a succession, the justice sometimes puts the heirs in a delicate situation. If the housing was rented, it is necessary to return it to the owner while all the possessions must be kept. The use of a storage cabinet is a flexible and economical temporary storage solution to meet the requirements of the law.

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