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Reasons to use a storage cabinet for professionals and businesses

There are many reasons that can motivate a need for additional storage space. Depending on your current needs, the use of secure and economical storage space is necessary to store equipment, materials, archives or merchandise.

Storage of equipment or material

The furniture repositories are proving to be excellent complementary storage space near your company or your home. Perfectly secured and accessible 24 hours a day, they allow you to save space in your premises to store tools, merchandise, advertising media or POS. 

Company relocation

The storage of office furniture and equipment during a company move facilitates your installation in your new premises by temporarily storing goods you do not need immediately.  

Archiving documents

A storage box represents a cost-effective and secure solution for the preservation of documents and all your paper data. With a capacity of up to 450 cartons or 1200 filing cabinets, container storage is particularly suitable. 

Base during a construction site or operation away from your premises

When building sites or operations away from your premises, you often need to have tools, equipment or consumables available without having a continuous use of them. A storage box easily converts to a rear base to store everything you need. 

Create your office or workshop

Some self-storage centers provide individual containers that can be transformed into an office or workshop. This is particularly the case of the self-storage network in maritime container.

Store your stock of goods

Storage boxes by their very essence are proving to be the ideal solution for storing your stock of goods. They will allow you to save space in your premises or to extend your seasonal activity at a lower cost. 

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